You have to be rooted in tradition. Like  the evangelism originated from the Catholics who rooted themselves in tradition of their faith in scripture, the church, Fathers and other spiritual masters around 2000 years ago. They also believed in adoration, devotion and confession of sins. And thus the path that you should take.

You have to believe in communion. This involves engaging in small groups like fellowship and developing spiritual friendships. You should also to live by the Christ's teaching regarding marriage and family. Christian s must live in communion to encourage one another. You cannot stand alone in the evangelism you have to surrounded by people whom you share same tradition.


The new evangelism involves the people who live in the fullness of life offered by the Gospel and people who are willing to give a reason for the joy of what they believe in. thus what you should retaliate not like before where people spread the faith by the use of books and arguments.


The new Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry majorly concerns with the healing of wounded humanity. You find that people have indulged in more bad things like divorce, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, abortion and many other bad things. This is what they are focused on healing this wounds through transforming to the way of Christ. Restoring their believe in the power of faith in Jesus Christ.


The new evangelism involves the spiritual multiplication. This involves both men and women stepping up to help the lost by giving them spiritual guidance. This is going to change many people to the way of Christ. As the community of believers is going to expand forming a new arc of Christians. Not like in the past where there were only specific people to evangelize to people.


They believe in specialization and collaboration. God gave people different gifts with different abilities,. No single person in this world that can do everything. So this involves working together with one another to achieve success as each and every person is going to do what he can do better. We should therefore pull our talents together in building the Kingdom of God.If you want to learn more about Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry, you can visit


We also have story telling. Story telling is necessary has it gives people hope for a better thing to come and to continue living. People should tell each other story how Jesus touched their lives and how His presence is still helping them. Join prayer and fasting groups here! 



You should also balance between apostolic life and personal life. No matter how much you would love to serve God also the time you must also devote some time to see the welfare of your family as you pray for them. This is the new way of evangelizing.